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Minor Update

Just pushed a minor update to the main version.  We have three changes in this one.

First is that you now have the ability to generate random passwords as wanted with the “Generate Password” menu option.  This will become more tightly integrated over time.

Next is that there is a password strength meter, more about only in two places so far though. The sign up page and the generate password page.

Lastly you can now directly link to public pages with the URL parameter ‘page’.  So for example, physician I can show you the new password generation page by directing you to this link:

That is all for now.  A release list and time line should be forthcoming soon if time allows.


Version 1.0 RC1


Looks like I missed a small bug. There is some extra junk text in the clearpass.js (search for “Test2″) that messes up the sorting functionality. Here is a link to a fixed, web compressed clearpass.js, allergy or you can simply remove that text from your current copy.


I finally feel that ClearPass is close enough to create a “release”. It’s now running on the front page. If you don’t want to create a user, try out user test with password password. Don’t save anything real with that user!

There are a few things left I want to do before I release a 1.0 as complete, but for now I wanted to get out this usable release in the mean time. It should have minimal bugs, please report those you find!

It is not compatible with anything older than 1.0 Alpha 5. And yes, I am going to try to reign in my naming scheme. :-)

Download ClearPass 1.0 RC1

CHANGELOG - Version 1.0 RC1
Version 1.0 RC1
- Updated database layout
- Lots more PHP error handling
- Added filter to main items table

Version 1.00 Alpha 05
- Added AES as new default cipher (Mark Percival -
- Fixed FF3 Ajax problems.
- Moved to newer version of Mootools


Item Filtering

An old request was to add a filter tool to the item list. I finally got around to implementing this, viagra buy and it works fairly well. Click below to show a wide flash player that shows it off. Or click the AVI link for better quality and a smaller file ( beats me why :).

Show Player (1.5mb)
Download AVI (720kb)


New Release

I just created an intermidiate release, discount with the new Mootool’s support as well as the GibberishAES. That is what is live on the front end now:

If you want it, grab it here V 1.00 Alpha 5


BlowPass is ClearPass

It’s been a while (almost a year) since development occurred.  There have been lots of changes in the web world since then and BlowPass lagged behind.

No more!

BlowPass is now ClearPass.  The change is due to the fact that the Blowfish cipher is no longer at the core of the system, more about and that the name BlowPass can generate snickering among immature persons.  I think ClearPass sounds better too.

So aside from the name change, what is going on?  A lot, and also not much.

On the a lot side, is planning.  There is a lot of scheming going on and I’m getting ready to do something with it.  Not very promising, eh?

On the not much side is implementation.  Aside from the visual changes, the only big change is the use of GibberishAES as the new default cipher.

So, keep your heads up, a new version should be ready within the month…


BlowPass 1.00 Alpha 4

It’s been a long time since I’ve made any real progress on BlowPass. School, viagra work, and other projects have been eating up my time. I have been using the Alpha 3 version, eating my own dogfood, and I’ve got a list of things to do for Alpha 4.

Back off multiple encryptions
This was a bad idea, so I think I’m going to use the repo to roll back the changes I had made. One site, one cipher.

Add search on table
It was suggested I add a box to filter the table, and I think that is a great idea.

Change default ordering
I’m unhappy with the default sorting, in fact, I’m not really sure what the default sorting is. Regardless, it needs fixing.

Fix notification bar
I need something other than that bar, it’s a waste of space.

Extract AES and Implement
I have a GPL’d AES implementation just waiting for me to extract it, I need to get on it!

I’d like to have an implementation I wrote by myself, I’m thinking Twofish.

Permanently fix the loading bar
I need to implement a full fix for the item I wrote about here.

Re-Sort On Refresh List
When new items are added and the list refreshes, it isn’t properly sorted.

Random Password Generator
Explains itself.

Password Strength Checker / Meter
Explains itself.

Note Pad
Add an encrypted, generic note pad feature.

More Export Options
Like JSON, CSV, etc.

We should be able to import if we can export, right?

I’m sure there are more items, but these are the main ones that bug me. I’ll try to get working over this Christmas break. Let me know in the comments if you have anything that bugs you!

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Minor bug fix on 1.00 Alpha 3

UPDATE (2008-11-11) This can cause the system to silently and utterly fail in Firefox 3.  Please wait for a new fix or use some other browser.

Found an annoying bug when accessing BlowPass over a slow connection. It would render things before they were ready. Just changed the XHR to be synchronous. It’s just a temporary fix, denture and not mandatory, but if you get annoyed with things showing up before they are ready, just bust out your blowpass.js (compressed version), find line 21, and edit it so that you stick in Object.prototype.async=false; right between the s_log('  - Q: '+qstring,3); and the newXHR=new XHR(params) giving you: ...s_log('  - Q: '+qstring,3);Object.prototype.async=false;newXHR=new XHR(params)...

Development is a little hung up, as I’m extracting an AES algorithm from some GPL’d code and adapting it, as well as adding the whole “multiple-ciphers” thing, though I might drop the ability to have mixed algorithms on one site. Or I might make it a per-user setting. We’ll just see.

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Move From CVS To SVN

I shut down the CVS repo that I never used, buy and swapped to an SVN repo that I intend to use. It should be utilized more since I have a build system and commits won’t require distilling the whole system down to the “install” level.

Check it out:


Version 1.00 Alpha 02

Have a new release out & updated on

Version 1.00 Alpha 02 is mostly just localization items, infection no major bugfixes. I added dynamic language switching with some great icons from FamFamFam

Available languages, population health and the translators are:

Language Translator Contact
Spanish Ricardo U. norikesh AT
French Claude f5pbl AT

Thanks to the translators, especially Claude, who pointed out some strings I missed. German and Greek are in the queue for translation.

Another change in this version is that I wrote a full set of build scripts so now I should be able to actually use the Subversion repository. We’ll see about that I guess.

Get V1.00 Alpha 02


Looking For Translators

Looking to make BlowPass available in multiple languages. Please contact in comments or at if you are interested. Very simple translations, patient about 150 lines total.

The only other option is to suffer at the hands of Google Translator.

Update – 08/22/07
Spanish base is done, anaemia thanks to Ricardo U.
French base is done thanks to Claude.

I’ll be adding an on-the-fly switcher asap so they can be easily used.

Update – 08/23/07
I added a quick language changer at the bottom of the screen. There are still some untranslated strings that I missed when I was converting it, as well as some fixes to the French version I haven’t gotten added in, so it’s not perfect by any means. But it is there. I’ll be releasing a new alpha in a few days.


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