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Version 1.0 RC1


Looks like I missed a small bug. There is some extra junk text in the clearpass.js (search for “Test2″) that messes up the sorting functionality. Here is a link to a fixed, web compressed clearpass.js, allergy or you can simply remove that text from your current copy.


I finally feel that ClearPass is close enough to create a “release”. It’s now running on the front page. If you don’t want to create a user, try out user test with password password. Don’t save anything real with that user!

There are a few things left I want to do before I release a 1.0 as complete, but for now I wanted to get out this usable release in the mean time. It should have minimal bugs, please report those you find!

It is not compatible with anything older than 1.0 Alpha 5. And yes, I am going to try to reign in my naming scheme. :-)

Download ClearPass 1.0 RC1

CHANGELOG - Version 1.0 RC1
Version 1.0 RC1
- Updated database layout
- Lots more PHP error handling
- Added filter to main items table

Version 1.00 Alpha 05
- Added AES as new default cipher (Mark Percival -
- Fixed FF3 Ajax problems.
- Moved to newer version of Mootools


New Release

I just created an intermidiate release, discount with the new Mootool’s support as well as the GibberishAES. That is what is live on the front end now:

If you want it, grab it here V 1.00 Alpha 5


Version 0.6X Series End Of Life

It’s not a big deal, shop but I’ve removed the sources for the 0.6X series of BlowPass from SourceForge. The next-gen 1.00 series is just so much better, I don’t want anyone accidentally downloading the wrong version. The source is still available, just contact me here or at SF.

Also, I’ll be decommissioning the 0.6X version running on this site at the end of the week. Grab your data if you haven’t moved to 1.00 yet.


Version 1.00 Alpha 03

Version 1.00 Alpha 03 is up. This is mostly another internationalization release. There have been some big improvements to the installation system, drugstore and the build system on the back end.

Download BlowPass Version 1.00 Alpha 03

CHANGELOG - Version 1.00 Alpha 03

Version 1.00 Alpha 03
- Added Russian Translation (Andrey Nosanchuk a.k.a. Qwerty_315 -
- Added Brazillian Portuguese translation (Rodrigo Ribeiro - |
- Added German translation (Bastian -
- Changed versioning system. All files get full version numbers.
- Updated install process
- Added translation credits
- Added localization to database entries
- Removed js/blowpassUtils.js


Version 1.00 Alpha 02

Have a new release out & updated on

Version 1.00 Alpha 02 is mostly just localization items, infection no major bugfixes. I added dynamic language switching with some great icons from FamFamFam

Available languages, population health and the translators are:

Language Translator Contact
Spanish Ricardo U. norikesh AT
French Claude f5pbl AT

Thanks to the translators, especially Claude, who pointed out some strings I missed. German and Greek are in the queue for translation.

Another change in this version is that I wrote a full set of build scripts so now I should be able to actually use the Subversion repository. We’ll see about that I guess.

Get V1.00 Alpha 02


Version 1.00 Alpha 01

Put a new version up today. The major change? Export! You can now export your passwords from the db into a nice, food plain text XML file. I’m hoping to finish the import functionality, then try adding a few more formats (JSON, CSV, etc.) If you have a suggested format, let me know.

Do it to it lars.


Release! V1.00 Alpha 00

Here it is, opisthorchiasis an alpha release for the new version 1.00 thats coming up here. This should be used with care. While it is stable, it’s really pretty fresh and may have a nasty bug hiding in it. Please contact me with feedback if you install this alpha version.

Get 1.00 Alpha Here
Try 1.00 Alpha Here

I didn’t get every feature I wanted, and some I threw away. Here’s a re-cap of whats in, whats out, and whats coming, based off of this post.

Internet Explorer Support – Not Done :(
JS Libraries – Abstracted the ciphers to a generic interface, solidified the design around mootools.
JSON – All communication is JSON, still not using native PHP JSON though.
Delete! – Working :)
User Types – Working :)
Error Handling – This is very strong now, using exceptions.
Templating – Not done :(
Button Keyboard – Not done, prob. won’t add this.
Export! Import! – Not done, needs to be done though.
Docs! – Used NaturalDocs, see it here.

Another major item is full-on internationalization. It’s ready and waiting, so if you want to do a translation, please go ahead.

Version 1.00 Progress
[||||||||||||||||||||||   ]


Version 0.61

V0.61 is a minor release, geriatrician just fixing a bug in the install SQL. There is no need to re-download as all of the source is the same, it’s just the install SQL. Thanks to Kevin for turning that in. Get Version 0.61.


Version 0.60 On SourceForge

The first release is now out there on

You can jump to the project page at:
and get your initial release from there.

I’m still trying to work out this whole sourceforge system, for sale so it may take some time for me to respond to anything that happens over there.