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BlowPass is ClearPass

It’s been a while (almost a year) since development occurred.  There have been lots of changes in the web world since then and BlowPass lagged behind.

No more!

BlowPass is now ClearPass.  The change is due to the fact that the Blowfish cipher is no longer at the core of the system, more about and that the name BlowPass can generate snickering among immature persons.  I think ClearPass sounds better too.

So aside from the name change, what is going on?  A lot, and also not much.

On the a lot side, is planning.  There is a lot of scheming going on and I’m getting ready to do something with it.  Not very promising, eh?

On the not much side is implementation.  Aside from the visual changes, the only big change is the use of GibberishAES as the new default cipher.

So, keep your heads up, a new version should be ready within the month…