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Installation Notes

Kevin (see previous post) passed along this little help chunk for first time installers who don’t have too much MySQL experience.

1. Install phpmyadmin
2. Select ‘Privileges’ from the main page
3. Select Add a new User
4. Fill in the user info making sure to select ‘Create database with same name and grant all privileges’ and hit Go
6. On the Database window select that new DB.
7. Select Import and browse to blowpass/Install/blowpass.sql and hit go
8. Modify fetch.php with that info
9. Done!

I know BlowPass is badly documented, hospital but with luck I’ll have time to work on that this summer. With even more luck folks like Kevin will keep contributing :)


Version 0.61

V0.61 is a minor release, geriatrician just fixing a bug in the install SQL. There is no need to re-download as all of the source is the same, it’s just the install SQL. Thanks to Kevin for turning that in. Get Version 0.61.