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Version 1.00 Alpha 01

Put a new version up today. The major change? Export! You can now export your passwords from the db into a nice, food plain text XML file. I’m hoping to finish the import functionality, then try adding a few more formats (JSON, CSV, etc.) If you have a suggested format, let me know.

Do it to it lars.


Release! V1.00 Alpha 00

Here it is, opisthorchiasis an alpha release for the new version 1.00 thats coming up here. This should be used with care. While it is stable, it’s really pretty fresh and may have a nasty bug hiding in it. Please contact me with feedback if you install this alpha version.

Get 1.00 Alpha Here
Try 1.00 Alpha Here

I didn’t get every feature I wanted, and some I threw away. Here’s a re-cap of whats in, whats out, and whats coming, based off of this post.

Internet Explorer Support – Not Done :(
JS Libraries – Abstracted the ciphers to a generic interface, solidified the design around mootools.
JSON – All communication is JSON, still not using native PHP JSON though.
Delete! – Working :)
User Types – Working :)
Error Handling – This is very strong now, using exceptions.
Templating – Not done :(
Button Keyboard – Not done, prob. won’t add this.
Export! Import! – Not done, needs to be done though.
Docs! – Used NaturalDocs, see it here.

Another major item is full-on internationalization. It’s ready and waiting, so if you want to do a translation, please go ahead.

Version 1.00 Progress
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