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Move From CVS To SVN

I shut down the CVS repo that I never used, buy and swapped to an SVN repo that I intend to use. It should be utilized more since I have a build system and commits won’t require distilling the whole system down to the “install” level.

Check it out:


Version 1.00 Alpha 02

Have a new release out & updated on

Version 1.00 Alpha 02 is mostly just localization items, infection no major bugfixes. I added dynamic language switching with some great icons from FamFamFam

Available languages, population health and the translators are:

Language Translator Contact
Spanish Ricardo U. norikesh AT
French Claude f5pbl AT

Thanks to the translators, especially Claude, who pointed out some strings I missed. German and Greek are in the queue for translation.

Another change in this version is that I wrote a full set of build scripts so now I should be able to actually use the Subversion repository. We’ll see about that I guess.

Get V1.00 Alpha 02


Looking For Translators

Looking to make BlowPass available in multiple languages. Please contact in comments or at if you are interested. Very simple translations, patient about 150 lines total.

The only other option is to suffer at the hands of Google Translator.

Update – 08/22/07
Spanish base is done, anaemia thanks to Ricardo U.
French base is done thanks to Claude.

I’ll be adding an on-the-fly switcher asap so they can be easily used.

Update – 08/23/07
I added a quick language changer at the bottom of the screen. There are still some untranslated strings that I missed when I was converting it, as well as some fixes to the French version I haven’t gotten added in, so it’s not perfect by any means. But it is there. I’ll be releasing a new alpha in a few days.


Switching To 1.00 Alpha

I’ve decided to switch the main page over to the more feature-full alpha of the new 1.0 version. I moved the old 0.6x series to where it will remain for as long as I can maintain it.

It is recommended that you switch to the new line, clinic as the data formatting is incompatible, hospital and the sooner you move the less you’ll have to hand copy.

You can find out more about the 1.0 series here and here.