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Version 0.6X Series End Of Life

It’s not a big deal, shop but I’ve removed the sources for the 0.6X series of BlowPass from SourceForge. The next-gen 1.00 series is just so much better, I don’t want anyone accidentally downloading the wrong version. The source is still available, just contact me here or at SF.

Also, I’ll be decommissioning the 0.6X version running on this site at the end of the week. Grab your data if you haven’t moved to 1.00 yet.


Version 1.00 Alpha 03

Version 1.00 Alpha 03 is up. This is mostly another internationalization release. There have been some big improvements to the installation system, drugstore and the build system on the back end.

Download BlowPass Version 1.00 Alpha 03

CHANGELOG - Version 1.00 Alpha 03

Version 1.00 Alpha 03
- Added Russian Translation (Andrey Nosanchuk a.k.a. Qwerty_315 -
- Added Brazillian Portuguese translation (Rodrigo Ribeiro - |
- Added German translation (Bastian -
- Changed versioning system. All files get full version numbers.
- Updated install process
- Added translation credits
- Added localization to database entries
- Removed js/blowpassUtils.js