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Minor bug fix on 1.00 Alpha 3

UPDATE (2008-11-11) This can cause the system to silently and utterly fail in Firefox 3.  Please wait for a new fix or use some other browser.

Found an annoying bug when accessing BlowPass over a slow connection. It would render things before they were ready. Just changed the XHR to be synchronous. It’s just a temporary fix, denture and not mandatory, but if you get annoyed with things showing up before they are ready, just bust out your blowpass.js (compressed version), find line 21, and edit it so that you stick in Object.prototype.async=false; right between the s_log('  - Q: '+qstring,3); and the newXHR=new XHR(params) giving you: ...s_log('  - Q: '+qstring,3);Object.prototype.async=false;newXHR=new XHR(params)...

Development is a little hung up, as I’m extracting an AES algorithm from some GPL’d code and adapting it, as well as adding the whole “multiple-ciphers” thing, though I might drop the ability to have mixed algorithms on one site. Or I might make it a per-user setting. We’ll just see.

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