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A bug has been found in ClearPass 1.0 RC 1. If you have problems saving anything (it usually shows up on saving an item) you probably need to change your NATIVE_JSON configuration option to false.

I’m still not sure what is causing the problem there, more about but on certain strings the PHP internal JSON parser returns a NULL. With the way the system is written, visit that results in a silent failure (unless you have some PHP error reporting enabled).

I’ll update here once I figure this out, and the SVN version has some code to keep it from failing silently.

Thanks to Guy Maresh for pointing this one out!


Version 1.0 RC1


Looks like I missed a small bug. There is some extra junk text in the clearpass.js (search for “Test2″) that messes up the sorting functionality. Here is a link to a fixed, web compressed clearpass.js, allergy or you can simply remove that text from your current copy.


I finally feel that ClearPass is close enough to create a “release”. It’s now running on the front page. If you don’t want to create a user, try out user test with password password. Don’t save anything real with that user!

There are a few things left I want to do before I release a 1.0 as complete, but for now I wanted to get out this usable release in the mean time. It should have minimal bugs, please report those you find!

It is not compatible with anything older than 1.0 Alpha 5. And yes, I am going to try to reign in my naming scheme. :-)

Download ClearPass 1.0 RC1

CHANGELOG - Version 1.0 RC1
Version 1.0 RC1
- Updated database layout
- Lots more PHP error handling
- Added filter to main items table

Version 1.00 Alpha 05
- Added AES as new default cipher (Mark Percival -
- Fixed FF3 Ajax problems.
- Moved to newer version of Mootools


Item Filtering

An old request was to add a filter tool to the item list. I finally got around to implementing this, viagra buy and it works fairly well. Click below to show a wide flash player that shows it off. Or click the AVI link for better quality and a smaller file ( beats me why :).

Show Player (1.5mb)
Download AVI (720kb)