What is this?

ClearPass is web based password storage system. It uses a “host-proof” design
pattern. What this boils down to is that even if someone completely stole
the server and all of it’s data, rehabilitation they still couldn’t do anything with it, sick because
the end user (you) have the only copy of your encryption key.

Like all good things in life, ClearPass is Beta.

It’s a well known fact that there are three key things required to have successful
web software in the 2.0 generation. First is a name that ends in ‘er’, but you must
remove the ‘e’. I decided that ‘ClearPassr’ really didn’t work. Next is a reflected
logo. It’s got that. Lastly, and most important, is having the software be “beta”. Check.

I feel that to really go the distance with the beta tag, ClearPass should actually have bugs. Now, I’m not saying
this isn’t a usable, stable piece of software, but there are going to be bugs and issues. A good
example is that ClearPass will not run in Internet Explorer. If you find a bug
please let me know! Feel free to
just fix it and share too.

Oh, and it’s free.

ClearPass is totally free. Free as in freedom, and free as in pizza at
college student organization events. I write this sort of thing as a
hobby, and I love to share and get feedback on my work. The core of
ClearPass is licensed under the GPL, and the source is available to anyone
who wants it. You can find more information on the following page:

Heads up though, some of the plugin encryption algorithms are not GPL’d (the main one, GibberishAES, is though!) and you
are restricted on how you can use them. Don’t sweat it though, I’ll let you know
in the releases if there is a problem.

The Credits

This software wasn’t built entirely by me. ClearPass is just some
fancy glue between a number of open-source libraries. Here are the libraries
used, my thanks go out to all the developers.

Also, heaping tons of thanks to all the translators.

I also have used a number of other notable products to develop this project.

Last but not least, thanks to my wife for tolerating
my absence and obsession with coding.

– John Hobbs